First Medical now offers Telehealth!

We are now accepting Medicare and Medicaid Recipients for Telepsychiatry and Behavioral Health Services. Daily appointment schedule from Mondays-Fridays 9am-5pm. Please call for a sooner appointment 410.956.6800

First Medical is now offering Telehealth services. You can now talk to one of our medical professionals through video. We are able to help the following medical issues:

  • Acute Illness Treatment – pink eye, colds, ear infection, rashes, acne, UTI, ED
  • Medication refills (Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Thyroid). Please call for a complete list.
  • Counseling on Smoking Cessation, nutrition plus medication Management.
  • Advance Directives MOLST completion.
  • Chronic Disease Management diabetes, hypertension, asthma, thyroid disorder etc.
  • Complex patients for Medication review (patients with over 10 prescriptions and they have Medicare Insurance).
  • Telehealth Homecare Referrals.
  • Virtual Headache /Migraine Clinic- Medications Maintenance Only
  • Saturday Suboxone Maintenance Clinic

Bilingual Physician available for Telehealth Mondays- Fridays 9am-2pm.